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September 12th, 2017 Meeting Notes

TUESDAY - SEPTEMBER 12, 2017 - 8:00 A.M.



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MOTION: Accept as presented.

MADE BY: Joseph Semione

SECONDED: Joseph Gillis

VOTE : Unanimous


MOTION: Accept as presented.

MADE BY: Todd Rulison

SECONDED: Dave D’Amore

VOTE: Unanimous


A. Nominating Committee

  • No Report

B. Audit Committee:

  • No report.

C. Governance Committee

  • No report.

D. Finance Committee:

  • No report.

E. Other Reports

  • Economic Development Committee : Bill Waldron
  • Fulton County Center for Regional Growth : Ron Peters


A. Site Selector’s Symposium:

  • Held on Friday, September 8, 2017 at the Holiday Inn
  • 3 Corporate Site Selectors from the Site Selector’s Guild gave presentations:
    A. Dennis Donovan
    B. Jay Garner
    C. Jim Renzas
  • Approximately 60 attended this event.

IDA DISCUSSION:  Joe Semione stated that he thought the event was excellent.  He stated the Site Selectors identified two (2) trends that were of concern to them:

  1. The fact that the County’s population is declining.
  2. The fact that the County’s labor force is declining.

Joe Gillis stated that he heard three (3) things in particular from the Site Selectors:

  1. The Site Selectors handle approximately 30% of the projects involving private investment. The balance of 70% are handled directly by the companies themselves.
  2. The food processing industry looks for both water and key wastewater rates.
  3. The Site Selectors were complimentary of the local economic development officials.

Tim Munn stated that listening to these three (3) experts coming from different parts of the country provided a good perspective of where we are with respect to economic development. He stated they advised not to have high expectations for Tryon being developed quickly. He stated the Site Selectors stated that will take time. He also stated that the Site Selectors stressed the importance of workforce development and workforce training.

Diana Putnam stated that the Site Selectors emphasized targeting specific types of industries into the County. She also stated that they mentioned that the lack of diversity in the County could be an issue. She stated the Site Selectors advised that companies desire a diverse workforce which may not be available at present in Fulton County.

Jim Mraz stated the Site Selectors stated that, while Tryon is a nice tract of land, it’s not visually attractive at present. They recommended the following:

  1. Demolish all existing buildings.
  2. Clear out trees and shrubs so that companies can visually see lots.
  3. Remove the remaining fencing and razor ribbon wire on the real property.

Tim Munn asked if there’s a plan for taking the buildings down at Tryon. Jim Mraz explained that the plan has been to remove all of the buildings on the outside of the County Road 117. It’s always been felt that the value at Tryon is in the underlying land not with the buildings that sit upon it. He stated the County has been trying to get its Demolition Team to tear the buildings down. He stated this has not gone as quickly as had hoped. Bill Waldron stated that the County’s Demolition Team is always busy and only do building demolitions on a part-time basis. Todd Rulison stated that he previously recommended the County create a permanent full-time Demolition Team. Joe Semione stated the concept was approved by Supervisors.

Scott Henze stated that the Site Selectors saw as a strength the County’s low cost and affordable land and low cost labor.

B. Web Site

1. Status Report:

  • Domain name: www.fcida.org
  • Emery Design has made a number of final changes to the Website
  • Received input from Site Selectors on what economic development websites should include. Websites should include data recommended by International Economic Development Council (IEDC).
  • The IEDC has defined what they consider to be the data standards in site selection:
    • Demographics
    • Labor Force
    • Leading Employers
    • New/Expanding Companies
    • R&D Centers
    • Education
    • Workers Comp. and Unemployment
    • Management Relations
    • Transportation
    • Taxation
    • Environmental
    • Government
    • Quality of Life
  • Based on that input, additional information will be added to website.

IDA DISCUSSION: Jim Mraz reviewed the information on the Agenda.  Jim Mraz stated the Site Selectors discussed economic development websites.  He stated that they found the County’s and CRG’s websites to not be useable by mobile devices.  They recommended those sites be modified so that they could be used by mobile devices.  The Site Selectors also advised that certain data must be on all economic development websites.  They recommended that the types of data match the International Economic Development Council’s standards for data.  Jim Mraz stated that he will try and get some or all of this data collected so that it can be placed onto the IDA’s new website.

C. Fulton County’s E-Newsletter Campaign:

  • Shannon Rose is administering and managing this E-Newsletter Campaign for Fulton County.
  • Will e-mail/mail six (6) E-newsletters to 425+/- builders, developers and investors advising them of investment opportunities available now in Fulton County.
  • Goal: Attract private investment into Fulton County.
  • 1st Newsletter sent out in July.
  • 2nd Newsletter being sent out this week.
  • Distribute copies of Newsletters 1 and 2.

IDA DISCUSSION:  Jim Mraz distributed copies of Newsletters 1 and 2.  He stated four (4) additional newsletters will be distributed.  He stated the goal of this exercise is to try and attract one (1) or more developers to invest into Fulton County.

D. Fulton County’s Proposed Marketing Campaign:

A. Proposed Campaign

  • At the August 8, 2017 meeting, the IDA Board agreed to sponsor an application to National Grid on behalf of Fulton County to obtain a grant to match the $100,000 Fulton County was budgeting for this Campaign.
  • This Application has been filed.

IDA DISCUSSION:  Jim Mraz stated that, at the last meeting, it was unknown whether the IDA or CRG would be the applicant for this grant.  Fulton County subsequently decided to have the IDA submit the application.  The application has been submitted and is currently being massaged to meet the requirements of National Grid’s Grant Program.

E. Roof Repair to Control Building at Tryon Wastewater Pump Station:

  • The existing shingled roof on the building housing the controls for the wastewater pump station is worn and should be replaced.
  • At the August 8, 2017 IDA meeting, the Board authorized hiring the firm that submitted the lowest quote.
  • Four (4) contractors were contacted and asked to provide a quote to replace the roof
  • Three (3) quotes were received:

Contractor: Correll Roofing
Quote: $995

Scope of Work: Remove existing roof, ice/water shield, new shingles.

Contractor: Claus Roofing
Quote: $580

Scope of Work: Remove existing roof, ice/water shield, new shingles.

Contractor: Titan Roofing
Quote: $2,500

Scope of Work: Remove existing roof, ice/water shield, new shingles.

  • Based upon quotes received, Claus Roofing was retained to make roof repairs.

F. Roof Repair to Electrical Building at Tryon:

  • The roof on the building housing the electrical switchgear needs repair work done on it to ensure it is water tight.
  • This is the roof that leaked last winter causing damage to the electrical switchgear
  • At the August 8, 2017 IDA meeting, the Board authorized hiring the firm that submitted the lowest quote.
  • Three (3) quotes were received:

Contractor: Correll Roofing
Quote: $ 3,755

Scope of Work: Flash seams with liquid roof tape, 2 coats GACO roof coating.

Contractor: Claus Roofing
 $ 2,500

Scope of Work: EDPM cover strips over all points. Seal with lap cement.

Contractor: Titan Roofing
Quote: $ 3,500

Scope of Work: Prime deck, 2 coats Elastomeric coating.

  • Each contractor proposed a different method for repairing the roof.

IDA DISCUSSION:  Jim Mraz reviewed the information on the Agenda.  Scott Henze reviewed the different scopes of work offered by the three (3) contractors who submitted quotes.  Jim Mraz stated that one (1) additional work task that should be addressed.  In order to ensure that rain and snow don’t get up underneath the roof vent that sits on top of the electrical building, something should be done to this vent.  He stated that no one is really sure how the water that damaged these electrical switchgears got into the building last winter.  The best guess is that it came up through this vent or there was a leak in one of the riveted seams in the roof.  He stated the question here is whether the IDA should patch just the seams or seal the entire room.  After a brief discussion, it was the unanimous consensus of all present to have the entire roof sealed.  The IDA Board unanimously agreed to have Jim Mraz contact Claus Roofing to get a price for sealing the entire roof since they were the only firm that didn’t.  Based upon the quotes for sealing the entire roof, the IDA Board agreed to award a contract to the firm that submitted the lowest price to seal the entire roof.

It was also agreed to ask for separate pricing from whichever firm submits the low bid for sealing the roof to implement a method for insuring that no rain or snow gets up underneath the roof vent. Options include constructing a wooden enclosure around the vent, relocating the vent to the side of the building and patching the hole in the roof where the vent was removed from, as well as installing a curb for the vent to sit on and to have that curb flashed.  All these and other options will be presented to the contractors and an appropriate solution selected.

G. F-Wing of Building 3:

  • CT Male’s design plans for project are 90% complete.
  • Meeting held with County officials to review plans.
  • It was decided to wait until National Grid’s charge is known for installing a new electric service to the Tryon Technology Park.

H. Buildings 3 and 60:

1. Background

  • Building 3 was the former Administrative/Education Center for Tryon. The Building has:
    • 60,000 sq. ft.
    • Office, classrooms, pool, gym and auditorium
    • At present, no power to the building
    • Appraisal completed
  •  Building 60 was the former Maintenance Building. The Building has:
    • 14,000 sq. ft.
    • Office, storage, warehouse, manufacturing space
    • 3 –bay garage
    • 2 loading docks
    • at present, no power to the building
    • No appraisal

2. Building 60 Appraisal

  • At the August 8, 2017 IDA meeting, IDA members expressed an interest in selling/leasing Building 60.
  • IDA members asked to obtain a quote to prepare an appraisal.
  • Sterling Appraisal has submitted a quote to prepare this appraisal.
  • Quote: $1,500

IDA DISCUSSION:  Jim Mraz reviewed the information on the Agenda.  There was a brief discussion regarding the potential for leasing this building out.  It was agreed the appraiser be asked to provide an appraisal for the sale price but also for the lease price for this building.  Jim Mraz stated that he would ask Sterling Appraisal to add that to their appraisal report.


MOTION:  To authorize hiring Sterling Appraisal at a price of $1,500 to prepare an appraisal on Building 60 at the Tryon Technology Park.

MADE BY:  Dave D’Amore
SECONDED:  Joseph Semione
VOTE: Unanimous

3. Building 3

  • At the August 8, 2017 meeting, IDA members expressed an interest in selling this building.
  • The IDA Board discussed retaining a realtor/broker to market this building.

IDA DISCUSSION:  Jim Mraz reviewed the information on the Agenda.  He asked if IDA Board members were still interested in hiring a realtor and/or broker to sell/market this building?  Jim Mraz asked Kara Lais if the hiring of a realtor/broker would be subject to the IDA’s purchasing guidelines?  Kara Lais stated that this hiring would be considered professional services and would not be subject to those purchasing guidelines.  There was a discussion regarding what firms to hire for this.  IDA members discussed the recent effort it made to hire a broker to market the entire Tryon Technology Park.  There were only two (2) firms that responded to the IDA’s Request for Proposals (RFP):  CBRE and Berkshire Hathaway.  After a brief discussion, it was the unanimous consensus of all IDA members present for Jim Mraz to reach out to both of those firms for proposals to market/sell Building 3.


October 17, 2017
8:00 a.m.

DISCUSSION: Joe Gillis stated that he will not be available on October 10th.  He requested that the next meeting be pushed back until Tuesday, October 17, 2017.  Jim Mraz stated that he would send a notice out to all IDA members reminding them of this change in the meeting schedule for October.


MOTION: To close the meeting.

MADE BY: Joseph Semione
SECONDED: Todd Rulison
VOTE: Unanimous
TIME: 9:50 a.m.