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Tryon Technology Park

A Strategic Location

for High-Tech Companies in NY’s Technology Triangle

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Site Highlights

  • 213 acres of Shovel Ready Land

  • Located in a wooded campus-like setting

  • Owned by the Fulton County Industrial Development Agency (IDA)

IDA & New York Incentives

  • Property Tax Exemptions

  • Sales Tax Exemptions

  • Mortgage Recording Tax Exemptions

  • Relocation and Expansion Benefits

  • Job creation and investment incentives

  • Grants, Loans and Tax Credits

Targeted Industries

DCG Corplan, a national leader in market studies, completed a Targeted Industry Analysis for Tryon Technology Park identifying 7 Industry Clusters that would be a great fit:

Current Businesses in Tryon Technology Park

Businesses burdened with high stress and high costs can take a 180° degree turn away from those worries. Tryon Technology Park’s community offers a relaxed, low-cost environment that leads to improved productivity and profitability….

Tryon Labor Market Area

The Tryon Labor Market Area contains an educated, skilled & trained labor force for businesses to draw from…

Education & Training

There are 15 colleges and universities and  community colleges within a one hour drive from the Tryon Technology Park.

NY's Technology Triangle


New York’s Technology Triangle is formed by 3 large transformational technology initiatives … and Tryon Technology Park is strategically located to reap the benefits.

Fulton County NY

A Strong, Vibrant Community…

In Fulton County local connections still run strong. Friends see each other in local stores and ask “How is the family?” People hold doors open for each other and “Please,” “Thank You,” and “You’re Welcome” are expectations. It’s a safe, close-knit community with strong values.