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The City of Gloversville water system:

The City of Gloversville water system:
a valuable resource for businesses and residents alike

Water is a precious commodity.

As certain parts of the United States struggle with water droughts and restrictions, Fulton County has an abundance of high-quality water. There are six (6) municipal owned and operated water systems delivering water to residents and businesses located throughout Fulton County. Of these six (6) systems, the City of Gloversville’s water system is both the largest and strongest municipal water system in the County.

The strong foundation: Gloversville’s historic water system

The City of Gloversville was incorporated in 1890 and soon became the worldwide leader supplier of leather and gloves. Numerous leather and glove making factories located in Gloversville to manufacture leather and gloves. These factories needed large quantities of water. As such, the City developed a strong and robust municipal water system.

The system features five (5) water storage reservoirs that provide an estimated reservoir safe yield of 6 million gallons of water a day. The leather and glove factories utilized several million gallons of water a day. Even at that level of consumption, the City still maintained significant excess water capacity.

Transition and adaptation: changing times for Gloversville’s water system

In the 1980’s, federal environmental regulations were enacted that impacted the leather and glove industries. Many local leather and glove companies either closed or moved overseas resulting in a significant decline in water usage. The city is now only currently putting out a little over a million gallons a day.

The City of Gloversville Board of Water Commissioners takes pride in putting out the. highest quality pure potable water at a reasonable rate. The City’s water treatment plant can safely treat up to 8 million gallons of water a day with the capacity to be increased to 10 million gallons per day. The City currently has 936 million gallons of RAW water in storage from 5 different reservoirs located north of the city and have 4.5 million of gallons of treated water in storage located in and throughout the City’s distribution system.

Quality and reliability: Gloversville’s commitment to potable water

The City of Gloversville has a strong and robust municipal water system. With millions of gallons of available, high quality water, Gloversville has the ability to serve companies in need of large quantities of water. The Tryon Technology Park has sites available for new companies and those sites are serviced by Gloversville’s water system. If you are interested in a shovel-ready site having available millions of gallons of water capacity, contact the Fulton County Industrial Development Agency at 518-736-5660.