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Food & Beverage is a good Fit


Food & Beverage is a good Fit

Its Working

A successful food manufacturing cluster already exists in Fulton County with FAGE Yogurt, Euphrates Feta Cheese, Crystal Geyser Water, and Espuna, a manufacturer of Spanish tapas and cured meats.

Strategic Location

The Tryon Technology Park's strategic location allows for same-day delivery capability to New York City, Boston, and most Northeast USA markets.

Ease of Transition

Tryon Technology Park's low-cost land acquisition, quality infrastructure, talented workforce, and responsive governmental cooperation assures ease of operational transition.


At a 33% gain in the last five years, Fulton County is the 10th fastest-growing county in New York State for increase in average food manufacturing plant size, indicating the strength of the industry in the region.

Raw Mateials

Major agricultural products available in the region include milk, eggs, vegetables, fruits, grains, beef, pork, and poultry.


The TIA identified the 13 following targeted industries within the 6 broad categories:


Livestock & Other Animal Food Manufacturing NAICS 3111
Dog & Cat Food Manufacturing 311111
Other Animal Food Manufacturing 311119


Grain & Oil Seed Milling NAICS 3112
Breakfast Cereal Manufacturing 311230


Fruit & Vegetable Preserving & Specialty Food Manufacturing NAICS 3114
Frozen Fruit, Juice, & Vegetable Manufacturing 311411
Frozen Specialty Food Manufacturing 311412


Dairy Products Manufacturing NAICS 3115
Dry, Condensed, & Evaporated Dairy Product Manufacturing 311514
Ice Cream & Frozen Dessert Manufacturing 311520


Bakery Products Manufacturing NAICS 3118
Frozen Cakes, Pies, & Other Pastries Manufacturing 311813
Cookie, Cracker, & Pasta Manufacturing 311821


Beverage Manufacturing NAICS 3121
Breweries 312120
Soft Drink Manufacturing 312111
Bottled Water Manufacturing 312112
Wineries 312130


NAICS# 31151 Chose Fulton County because of its location and quick access to the natural resources and transportation arteries critical to...

New York’s Fulton County Region’s unique advantages for a targeted industry within the Biomedical R & D Cluster is available for download.