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This Code of Ethics shall apply to all members, staff and other employees of the Fulton County Industrial Development Agency (AGENCY).  These policies shall serve as a guide for official conduct and are intended to enhance the ethical and professional performance of the AGENCY’s directors and employees and to preserve public confidence in the AGENCY’s mission.

II. Responsibility of Directors and Employees:

(i) Directors and employees shall perform their duties with transparency, without favor and refrain from engaging in outside matters of financial or personal interest, including other employment, that could impair independence of judgment, or prevent the proper exercise of one’s official duties.

(ii) Directors and employees shall not directly or indirectly, make, advise, or assist any person to make any financial investment based upon information available through the director’s or employee’s official position that could create any conflict between their public duties and interests and their private interests.

(iii) Directors and employees shall not accept or receive any gift in excess of seventy-five dollars ($75), whether it be in the form of financial payments, services, loans, travel reimbursement, entertainment, hospitality, thing or promise from any entity doing business with or before the AGENCY.

(iv) Directors and employees shall not use or attempt to use their official position with the AGENCY to secure unwarranted privileges for themselves, members of their family or others, including employment with the AGENCY or contracts for materials or services with the AGENCY.

(v) Directors and employees must conduct themselves at all times in a manner that avoids any appearance that they can be improperly or unduly influenced, that they could be affected by the position of or relationship with any other party, or that they are acting in violation of their public trust.

(vi) Directors and employees may not engage in any official transaction with an outside entity in which they have a direct or indirect financial interest that may reasonably conflict with the proper discharge of their official duties.

(vii) Directors and employees shall manage all matters within the scope of the AGENCY’s mission independent of any other affiliations or employment. Members, staff and employees employed by more than one government shall strive to fulfill their professional responsibility to the AGENCY without bias and shall support the AGENCY’s mission to the fullest.

(viii) Directors and employees shall not use AGENCY property or resources or disclose information acquired in the course of their official duties in a manner inconsistent with State or local law and the AGENCY’s mission and goals.

(ix) Directors and employees shall also comply with the provisions of Section 74 of Public Officers Law.


(a) This Code of Ethics shall be provided to all Directors and employees upon commencement of employment or appointment and shall be reviewed annually by the Governance Committee.

(b) The AGENCY may designate an Ethics Officer, who shall report to the AGENCY and shall have the following duties:

i. Counsel in confidence AGENCY members, staff and employees who seek advice about ethical behavior.
ii. Receive and investigate complaints about possible ethics violations.
iii. Dismiss complaints found to be without substance.
iv. Prepare an investigative report of their findings for action by the Executive Director or the board.
v. Record the receipt of gifts or gratuities of any kind received by the director or employee, who shall notify the Ethics Officer within 48 hours of receipt of such gifts and gratuities.


(a) In addition to any penalty contained in any other provision of law, an AGENCY, Directors or employee who knowingly and intentionally violates any of the provisions of this code may be removed in the manner provided for in law, rules or regulations.


(a) Directors and employees are required to report possible unethical behavior by a member, staff or employee of the AGENCY to the Ethics Officer. Ethics complaints may be filed anonymously and are protected from retaliation by the policies adopted by the AGENCY.