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Fulton County Industrial Development Agency (Agency) Board members shall be available, as required, to perform the functions and duties of the Agency and as set forth in the Agency’s Bylaws as may be amended from time to time by the Agency.

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Agency Board members are expected to attend Board and Committee meetings. A violation of this Policy shall occur if:

  1. A Board member has three (3) unexcused absences in a row. Unexcused means the Board member did not call/e-mail the Executive Director or Chairman reasonably ahead of a meeting to verify that the Board member could not attend the meeting.
  2. A Board member misses one-third of the Agency meetings in a twelve (12) month period.

If a violation occurs, the Agency Chairman shall contact the Agency Board member to discuss the violation. The Chairman shall then present the information gathered at this meeting with the entire Agency Board. The Agency Board shall then determine the appropriate action to take.

Adopted: September 30, 2008