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Johnstown Industrial Park’s Positive Impacts on Fulton County

Johnstown Industrial Park’s Positive Impacts on Fulton County.

Johnstown Industrial Park’s businesses paid over $4M in property tax revenue in 2022.

Industrial parks (IPs) play a significant role in local economies, and Johnstown Industrial Park is the big hitter among Fulton County IPs. The ten companies located in the park paid $4.4 million in school, city, and county taxes in 2022. These funds are deployed to improve roads, education, healthcare, and a wide range of other community services.

What do businesses gain from Johnstown Industrial Park?

Businesses from as nearby as Albany and as far away as Germany have chosen Johnstown Industrial Park as their home base. The IP provides businesses with customizable space and best fit plots, making it easy to scale and expand. It’s industrially zoned all utilities and in place expedited local approval process gets projects into ground within 30─60 days.

What businesses are growing at Johnstown Industrial Park?

One of the key advantages of an IP is a diverse economic ecosystem, which keeps a local economy resilient. Johnstown Industrial Park supports ten (10) businesses in a variety of industries, including:

Johnstown Industrial Park is a hub for Fulton County food manufacturing and distribution.

FAGE Yogurt and Euphrates Cheese are tapping into Fulton County’s strategic location, local dairy farms, and impressive talent pool to manufacture and process the delicious products found in local neighborhood grocery stores. The Walmart Food Distribution Center brings over 800 permanent, full-time jobs and supplies grocery items to Walmart Supercenters in New York and the Northeast.

Businesses in Johnstown IP keep the supply chain running smoothly.

In addition to the Walmart Distribution Center, Johnstown IP is home to several key players in the national supply chain. Propak Logistics and DHL Supply Chain, two leading supply chain management companies, have taken advantage of Fulton County’s strategic location to expedite logisitics management. Their presence in the business community offers a distinct advantage to local businesses as well.

Johnstown IP businesses are improving curb appeal around the country.

Benjamin Moore’s manufacturing plant is the company’s largest plant by production volume in the U.S. Fulton County’s extremely educated workforce plus the site’s proximity to some of the largest markets in the United States made the IP a natural choice when the company sought to expand. Plans to expand again in 2022 are already underway. Meanwhile, Pioneer Window Manufacturing, a full-service supplier of windows, employs nearly 200 people at its Johnstown IP site and supplies some of New York’s finest hotels and condos with stunning architectural windows.

Johnstown IP is also home to niche local manufacturers expanding their footprint.

While many of Johnstown’s businesses are national corporations, the IP is also home to local manufacturers like Electro-Metrics Corporation. Founded in 1963, this leading broadband RF communications designer manufactures precision machined products in its Johnstown IP location for domestic and international companies, including General Electric and Hitachi.

We’re growing opportunities in Johnstown Industrial Park.

Fulton County’s state-of-the-art industrial parks bring more than business to the area. They bring opportunities that everyone in the county benefits from. Read our 2022 Industrial Park Impact Report for more information.