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Hoffman's Carwash Project

Project Description

Hoffmans advanced plans in 2021 to construct a new automated carwash off S. Kingsboro Avenue Extension in the City of Gloversville/Town of Johnstown.  Most of the site is located in the City of Gloversville.  A small piece of the site is also located in the Town of Johnstown.  The site is where the former Travers Diner was located.

The project involves:

  1. The construction and operation of a 6,600 sf upscale, state-of-the-art carwash facility with innovative equipment and design.
  2. A 160’ conveyorized tunnel, automated blowers with 2 million BTU heated drying.
  3. A leading edge, complete engineered, free self-service central vacuum system.
  4. A sophisticated water reclamation system, computer controlled systems and high-pressure nozzles and pumps which will minimize the amount of “fresh” water needed to provide quantity exterior wash.

The project also involved a 2-lot subdivision.  The former Travers Diner building was subdivided off as a separate parcel.  The second parcel is where the carwash will be located.


The IDA provided two (2) financial incentives for this project:


  1. Real Property Tax Exemptions: The IDA provided a Payment in Lieu of Tax Agreement (PILOT) for this project.  The PILOT would only apply to the increase in assessed valuation the project would create.  The City of Gloversville Assessor will establish the assessment for this new structure once it is completed.


  1. Sales Tax Exemption: The IDA provided a Sales Tax Exemption on the materials Hoffmans purchased to construct the carwash, as well as machinery and equipment to be installed in the building.  This exemption applies to State and local sales taxes.


Hoffmans’ project will create several positive economic impacts:


  1. It will create construction jobs.
  2. It will create permanent new jobs.
  3. It will generate new property tax revenues for the City of Gloversville, the City of Gloversville School District and Fulton County.