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Company Description

Crystal Geyser Alpine Spring Water was established in 1990 as an independent, family-owned enterprise.  The company’s founding principle is to bottle spring water at its source.  This is what separates the company from all other U.S. bottled water company.

The water C.G. Roxane bottles is natural spring water.  The company does not bottle municipal water.  All plants are built right at the spring sources.  The company operates seven (7) water bottling plants in the United States:

  1. Johnstown, New York Weed, California
  2. Benton, Tennessee Olancha, California
  3. Moultonborough, New Hampshire Norman, Arkansas
  4. Salem, South Carolina

Project Description

In 2013, the company constructed a 176,000 sf water bottling manufacturing facility on a 72.32 acre parcel of land on Sweet Road in the Town of Johnstown.  The Company invested over $25 million in the construction of this manufacturing facility.  C.G. Roxane executed an agreement with the Village of Canajoharie to purchase natural spring water from within the Village’s watershed.    C.G. Roxane did not request or seek any public funding for this project.


The IDA provided two (2) financial incentives for this project:

  1. Payment in Lieu of Tax Agreement (PILOT): A 10-year PILOT was approved that provided a 50% exemption on taxes in Year 1.  The exemption decreased 5%/year for 10 years.
  1. Sales Tax Exemption: The IDA provided a Sales Tax exemption on C.G. Roxane’s purchase of materials used to construct their manufacturing facility and on machinery and equipment.

To provide these financial incentives, the IDA and C.G. Roxane executed a Lease Agreement dated November 7, 2012.  C.G. Roxane conveyed, by Deed and Bill of Sale, to the IDA the Project Facility.  The term of the lease is 10 years.


C.G. Roxane initially employed approximately 15 full-time employees when it opened.  It currently employs approximately 44 full-time employees.  The facility is assessed for approximately $5.5 million.  In 2019, the company paid over $180,000 in property taxes to three (3) local taxing jurisdictions.