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New York State Financial Incentives

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  • The Excelsior Jobs Program encourages businesses to expand in and relocate to New York while maintaining strict accountability standards to guarantee that businesses deliver on job and investment commitments.

Consolidated Funding Application (CFA)

  • As part of Governor Cuomo’s transformative plan to improve the state’s economic development model, a NYS Consolidated Funding Application (CFA) has been created that will streamline and expedite the grant application process. The CFA process marks a fundamental shift in the way state resources are allocated, ensuring less bureaucracy and greater efficiency to fulfill local economic development needs.Utilizing the CFA serving as the single entry point for access to economic development funding, applicants will no longer have to slowly navigate multiple agencies and sources without any mechanism for coordination. Now, economic development projects will use the CFA as a support mechanism to access multiple state funding sources through one application, making the process quicker, easier, and more productive.The CFA system is also the mechanism for Upstate Revitalization Initiative (URI) project sponsors to submit applications.

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