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Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

This cluster will capitalize on the already successful food manufacturing industries present in the area. Ethnic foods and beverages are anticipated as the key drivers. Dairy products such as Greek yogurt and artisan cheeses are a specialty of New York’s Fulton County Region.

There are fourteen targeted industries contained within six broader categories within the cluster:

  • Livestock & Other Animal Food Manufacturing
  • Grain & Oil Seed Milling
  • Fruit & Vegetable Preserving & Specialty Food Manufacturing
  • Dairy Products Manufacturing
  • Bakery Products Manufacturing
  • Beverage Manufacturing

DCG Corplan has prepared Prospectuses for a specific industry within this Targeted Industry Cluster. This Prospectus identifies the competitive advantages of locating, at the Tryon Technology Park, a specific industry within the Food & Beverage Industry Cluster: Frozen Specialty Food Manufacturing. Please complete the Registration form prior to downloading this informative report.

Livestock & Other Animal Food Manufacturing
NAICS 3111

Dog & Cat Food Manufacturing

Other Animal Food Manufacturing

Grain & Oil Seed Milling
NAICS 3112

Breakfast Cereal Manufacturing

Fruit & Vegetable Preserving & Specialty Food Manufacturing
NAICS 3114

Frozen Fruit, Juice, & Vegetable Manufacturing

Frozen Specialty Food Manufacturing

Dairy Products Manufacturing
NAICS 3115

Dry, Condensed, & Evaporated Dairy Product Manufacturing

Ice Cream & Frozen Dessert Manufacturing

Bakery Products Manufacturing
NAICS 3118

Frozen Cakes, Pies, & Other Pastries Manufacturing

Cookie, Cracker, & Pasta Manufacturing

Beverage Manufacturing                                    NAICS 3121
Breweries                                                                            312120
Soft Drink Manufacturing                                               312111
Bottled Water Manufacturing                                        312112
Wineries                                                                              312130
Distilleries                                                                           312140